Meet the team of Ecstatic Dance Leeuwarden. Want to join us as a volunteer?


Yvonne Dijkstra

Organiser & Dancer

Dancing is my outlet. When I was younger I danced jazzbalet, stiledancing and when I turned 21 years old you could find me dancing on festivals. During those festivals I discovered that I was taken out of my flow because of all the chitchat and socialising. I wanted to be taken away by music, taken to the world of dreams. Carried by the rhythm of music and the rhythm of life.

When I first attended an Ecstatic Dance I was so happy to be dancing on my bare feet, without people looking funny at me! In this crowd there was an other ‘normal’, no-one is crazy, everything is welcomed. I felt like being in love, but also a bit nervous at the same time. Now I could dance, dance, dance! No talking, just music and movement. Feeling a new connection with myself, and also to my fellow dancers.

What makes Ecstatic Dance so special for me, is that I can feel things happening in my mind and body. No more hiding of emotions, no more social stories and mandatory chatting, just be and let everything go on the dance floor. Wild and vulnerable.

A profound moment during one of my dances was when I felt doubt about my boyfriends love. I stepped out on the floor and connected to my heart, to my mind and everything in between. In no-time I felt true love taking over, taking away all doubt and stories that I made up before!

Dancing is healing, dancing can bring deep understanding when you step out of your comfort zone.

My dream is to share my love for dancing with Leeuwarden, with our own unique take on the Ecstatic Dance experience. With Live music, meditations and ceremonies. I’m so happy with this team, everyone sharing his or her own unique gifts, to get you moving from silence.


Linda Sinnige

Ceremony leader

I love dancing! It gives my the freedom to express myself in my own unique way. When I attended an Ecstatic Dance for the first time, it gave me such a deep feeling of relaxation, joy and even ecstasy! I knew right away I wanted more, wanted to learn and share this experience.

In 2018 I followed a course at the School of Ecstatic Movement, teaching me how to guide people on their own personal dancing-journeys.


Benno Bos


Music connects. When I’m at my drums, my mind comes to peace even though drumming is a very physical exercise!

At Ecstatic Dance I experience the same. I love to create something beautiful with other creative people. This makes the team of EDL such a breeze to be with.

A word that comes to my mind is ‘Meraki’. It means you put a piece of your soul into everything you create. This is how I make my own custom drums. I hope to share them with you during one of the Ecstatic Dances in Leewaurden, bringing live music on the dancefloor!


Lance Schmale

Visual Artist

Dancing for me is like making an artwork. In the beginning there is an empty canvas and I fill it with every move i make. When I am dancing and creating art  I experience freedom of movement, a strong focus, and a good feeling. Dancing gives me energy, reduces my stress, and let me connect with my body, It helps me to generate new ideas for my artworks.

I work as a visionairy artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, I am inspired by psychedelic art, concept art, budhist art, hindu art, and aborginal art, i combine this art styles with my own colorful decorative art style. I went to a lot of Ecstatic Dance party’s in Groningen where i danced for a couple of years and discovered the joy of dancing in silence. I feel really happy to be working with an amazing group of people in Leeuwarden, organising awesome Ecstatic parties.

Curious about my art? You can see my artworks dancing on this site, the walls and on the dj booth during the Ecstatic Dance nights. You can also follow the link below, to my website!


Mika Marieke Vinckers

Ceremony Leader & Musician

“Would you like to come dance with me?” My reply was: “Ehm. No.” Now please don’t get me wrong: I LOVE to dance, but I don’t like all the noice, the flashy lights, the energy with drinking people speaking very loud to overvoice the music. 

Dancing IS about the music. Feeling it in your body. Living the music. So that’s what I said to Martin, the first time we met. Then he explained to me that he had just invited me for ‘Ecstatic Dance’: “Two hours of movement, no talking, just drinking tea and dance on bare feet.” 

It does.

So I went with him and met a beautiful group of people who all danced from the heart. I started in childpose… on the floor… getting comfortable within myself. And then slowly I got up. Felt my body. Felt the music. And I danced.

I danced like I had never danced before. FREE and fearless. Making movements I wanted to make, without thinking. Getting out of my head, into my body, into my soul. 

And that is where Martin and I connected again… in that dance, better said: in that energy. We came together and everything was energy, spirit, pure love. It brought me back to my being, to who I am. So the dance gave me back my spirit.

I feel grateful and excited at the same time, that two years later we have the opportunity to bring this energy to Leeuwarden, to share Ecstatic Dance here. It makes me smile big time. And to see my love Martin rising as a DJ by heart; bringing his own and other beautiful music into this world, is a pure gift ❤


Martin Kuipers

DJ & Musician

As a toddler I sat on my fathers foot, while he was playing blues on his guitar, and stomping the rhythm I was bouncing up and down. This must have left an imprint on me 🙂 Also, at home the radio was always on, music was and still is the thread through my day, and my life. Later I became an guitarist myself, and journeyed through a lot of genres and styles. Since young I love all kinds of music, ranging from blues, rock and classical to psy-trance, electronica and new-age music. To me, music is crystallised time. Just like gemstones, there is an order, a rhythm and harmony to its structure, causing the color, texture and healing properties of the stone.

As a musician and producer, I want to bring rhythm, harmony and structure together into little gemstones for the ears, finding their way to the ones that want to receive them.

In 2014 I discovered Ecstatic Dance. It felt like coming home. Like bunch of loose wires in my system suddenly got plugged into the right place. I knew I was a musician, but now I discovered dancing, dancing myself, whatever comes, whatever wants to be moved. And from that moment on I had a new dream…to become an Ecstatic DJ someday…

Early 2019 six souls connected, each one of them sharing the wish to bring Ecstatic Dance Experiences to our home-town of Leeuwarden. Each of us brining an unique gift that makes a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. In april we had liftoff. Thanks for joining us, and hope to see you soon in the Ecstatic Dance!