Ecstatic Dance in Leeuwarden!

For the curious ones and aspiring dancers: come join us on one of the upcoming events and experience the joy of Ecstatic Dance! For all the experienced Ecstatic Dancers in Fryslân welcome to dance in the neighbourhood, with your neighbours! On this site you can find some practicals, see future events, meet the team, and listen to previous DJ-sets played. If you have any questions, just reach out on the contactform, or find us and the EDL Community on Facebook. Hope to meet you on the dancefloor!

Upcoming events

Move the chairs and the tables, then your feet!

(Re)listen to the sets played on Ecstatic Dance Leewuarden. So clear out the room and dance, dance, dance!

Ecstatic Premiere, april 13th 2019

Ecstatic Dance june 1st 2019

Ecstatic Dance july 13th 2019

Ecstatic Dance december 14th 2019

Ecstatic Dance february 22nd 2019

Venue: Voel Je Goed Centrum / Prana Tempel Leeuwarden

Ecstatic Dance Leeuwarden is hosted in the Voel Je Goed Centrum and Prana Tempel in Leeuwarden. For the dancenights we create a beautiful sacred space: two rooms for dance, a lounge area, tea-and-water-bar.