New location in Leeuwarden!

We are thrilled to bring the good news: we have found a new location to dance in Leeuwarden! Dance Company 058, DC058 in short. Owner and Hip Hop teacher Meysam welcomes the Ecstatic Dance Leeuwarden Community in his beautiful dance school. We are verry happy, because we can dance freely in this location!

The formula of the dance-nights will be the same, as well as the crew and volunteers. From now on we offer you an “Ecstatic Dance Course”, which you can join every month, or pickup a 5-dance-ticket with a nice discount.

Upcoming events

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Move the chairs and the tables, then your feet!

(Re)listen to the sets played on Ecstatic Dance Leewuarden. So clear out the room and dance, dance, dance!

Ecstatic Premiere, april 13th 2019

Ecstatic Dance june 1st 2019

Ecstatic Dance july 13th 2019

Ecstatic Dance december 14th 2019

Ecstatic Dance february 22nd 2019

Summer 2021 we dance outside!

We are looking for a new venue to dance inside later this year, but as long as it is summer, we will dance outside! Keep an eye on the website and Facebook to stay updated.