Ecstatic Dance

What is Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic Dance is dancing freely in your own way. Whether you’re moving, jumping, spinning or lying on the ground; you express your own feelings in that moment. Everybody is unique and free to do whatever he or she wants. Have fun, feel and experience all possible emotions. Explore new music, other people, but most of all: your inner self! Try to observe emotions, obstructions, blockades. Is your mind helping or just bugging you… Without words, witness yourself when dancing, when the music changes. What is your body telling you?

Tears of joy, tears of sadness, laughter, anger, growling, shouting, All is welcome. The team holds the space for you to safely explore all that is coming to light.

To create a safe and nice experience for all, we make a few agreements with each other:

* We don’t talk to each other during the dancing night. Making some (primal) noises is allowed.
* Respect yourself, each other and their space to dance.
* We dance barefoot
* No alcohol or drugs
* Don’t use strong perfume
* No pictures or video’s
* Phones stay tucked away

Find out more about Ecstatic Dance, it’s origins and other cities to dance on or the international site at

Meet each other in movement

Dance alone, dance together, let the music and situation take you over to whatever will happen. Do you meet someone in your movement and do you want to dance together? Make contact in a respectful way. Make eye contact, mirror each others movements, reach out. When the other is open for it, you will notice. When someone is making contact with you, but you want to dance with yourself: bring your hands to your heart. In this way you’re saying thank you in a respectful way.

Summer 2021: We dance outside!

This summer we will host dances outside. When we have found a new venue to dance inside, you will read all about it here. Keep an eye on the site and our Facebook page!